Olivia Collins
International Public Advocacy

Mission Statement

Olivia Collins is an international public advocacy expert, specializing in public advocacy in the media. Olivia’s experience in marketing and public relations ensures that her client’s ideas, agendas, narratives, and products, are promoted on both news media outlets as well as on social media.

Olivia guarantees to make you look great online when your customers search for your brand name on Google or any other search engine for that matter. We help you build trust and credibility. 

Olivia helps small businesses publish their news stories and messages across the globe. From launch, our primary goal was to stimulate profitable growth for our clients and that vision continues unabated.  

Olivia provides a revolutionary way to boost your brand and build trust with your audience. Our guaranteed news stories are immediately published on some of the biggest news sites in the world.

Strategy development

Media Analysis

International outreach

Public Advocacy